Affiliation & Marketing

Interested in becoming an affiliate? 


Think about friends, family, business connections. Who do you know that has or needs a website?


Find out if they are interested in moving or obtaining a website with DigieRack.


If the connection is successful, affiliates can earn up to 15% commission!

When a new client has signed on with DigieRack, 10-15% of the initial cost is paid out as compensation to the individual who made the referral ‘connection’ after 30days as a way of saying THANK YOU!

Interested? Please fill out the form below to get started. There is no fee or obligation. If you are having trouble viewing the form, you can also email us your information at

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LEGAL: This program is ONLY available to legal US residents. A check will be mailed to the verified address you provide above.  Any referral payout exceeding $600.00 USD within the same year will require an IRS W-9 form All paid referrals will be reported to the IRS in compliance with US tax law. More information about the W9 Form can be found here.  Questions or concerns? 


DigieRack retains the right to end or make changes to the program at any time. Being an affiliate does not make you a partner of DigieRack, LLC. DigieRack, LLC is a privately held LLC, registered in the state of Alabama (US). Void Where prohibited.